Educating You About Family Law

Our goal at KAVLAW is to help you navigate the family court system and to ultimately help get you and your family to its "new normal." Life as the family you knew may be over, but life as the "new version" of your family is your future, and deserves to be great. The services in our law firm are designed to get you there. Our job is to educate you about the process and help you make choices that are best for you.

What people don't often know is that most lawyering occurs outside of the courtroom, to include various legal matters, preparation, strategizing and negotiating. Kelli spent nearly 14 years in the Washoe County District Attorney's Office, going to court nearly every day and negotiating with the best and brightest lawyers in our area. As a tough criminal prosecutor, Kelli worked thousands of hours in the courtroom on thousands of cases involving families and children. Kelli's passion for working with families created a natural transition into family law. With Kelli representing you, you will be confident in the process and her ability, you will be treated with compassion and you will understand Kelli's strong, legal conviction and desire to help you understand and navigate the legal system.

It is always best to resolve your family issues on your own terms, but at KAVLAW, we know that, sometimes, that's just not possible. If you do have to go court, you want to be represented by a confident, compassionate lawyer with conviction. You want Kelli Anne Viloria on your side.

Find out more about how we, at the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC can help you by calling us at 775-624-9398. We look forward to meeting you.


If you are, or know, a victim of crime, you should know that there are laws, outside of the criminal justice system, designed to protect you. Rarely used, and only for certain crimes, you may have the right under the law to sue your perpetrator for damages. As a former criminal domestic violence and major felony prosecutor, Kelli has always been a passionate advocate for victims and may be able to help you to find more than justice. Contact us the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, for more information.

  • BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD? What is the Best Interests of the Child?
  • DIVORCE: Deciding to divorce and what should you do next?
  • CUSTODY: What do I need to know about Custody
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD CUSTODY : how does domestic violence come into play in Family Court?
  • CHILD SUPPORT: How much will you have to pay? How much will you owe?
  • I'm divorced. Now what? CUSTODY POST-JUDGMENT
  • VIOLATION OF A COURT ORDER: what to do if a party violates an order of the Court.
  • VISITATION: How is visitation determined? What to do if a party is interfering with visitation? Find your answer here.
  • RELOCATION: What to do if a parent needs to relocate?
  • THIRD PARTY RIGHTS AND CHILDREN: Do Grandparents and Step-parents have the same rights as natural parents?
  • PATERNITY: What to do about Paternity?