Alicia Farmer

Alicia FarmerI am a paralegal at the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC. As a paralegal at the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC, I rather enjoy my primary role as discovery manager, I am responsible for managing high volumes of documents that traverse through each case. Family law is often fraught with intensity and drama, so there's never a boring day at work.

I'm a California girl, but I'm more of a Hollywood-style one than a golden-tan kind of girl. I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a specialization in Computing. Thereafter, I attended Seattle University School of Law and graduated in 1999. After passing the California State Bar in 1999, I worked as an attorney practicing law primarily in litigation with a focus on commercial and real estate matters

In December 2016, 1 moved from Los Angeles to Reno, NV with my husband and two young daughters. The change has been absolutely positive. Because of the young ages of my daughters, I sought out a legal position that would allow flexibility in my work schedule so that I could still be involved in my daughters' week day activities, such as attending school-time performances. As a mother and family law attorney, Ms. Viloria truly values "family time" and I appreciate that she is very supportive of managing a fantastic work-life balance.

When I'm not working, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and kids, creating art, and experiencing the great outdoors in Reno. While I could not tell you a single thing about sports, I am well versed in superheroes (and supervillains). AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! And GO TEAM TITANS! (The Justice League really needs to get working on a unifying call! LOL)