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April 2017 Archives

Rights of individuals under guardianships

Senior citizens in Nevada who are unable to handle their own affairs due to health complications can be put under guardianships. This court-ordered designation allows family members, professional guardians or other qualified individuals to take over paying an elderly person's bills, arrange his or her doctor's visits, make sure he or she eats and handle any other critical services. However, there are some guardians who may abuse the situation and steal the senior's property, personal belongings and money, leaving them destitute and alone.

Child custody modification in Nevada

Child custody orders in Nevada and around the country are issued based on what family law judges believe to be in the best interests of the children involved, and their terms may be modified by the courts when children have been placed in potentially dangerous environments. Schools will generally notify the authorities and begin the process when children seem scared to go home, and police reports of drug use or domestic violence in the custodial parent's residence could also lead to custody arrangements being scrutinized.

Think Like A Business Woman During Your Divorce

When you’re going through a divorce, you know that the entire process is filled with emotions. So when someone tells you to try remove the emotions from the decisions, it might sound impossible. How do you remove the emotions from the most emotionally-consuming time of your life?

Family business and divorce

Divorce for Nevada couples is often a stressful situation. It can become even more so when there is a family business at stake. Even in situations where spouses choose to take a mature approach to their breakup, there are several legal and financial issues involved in deciding what happens to a family business. Fortunately, there are several strategies that can be used that will keep the business intact even if a marriage fails.

Understanding how QDROs work

When a Nevada couple divorces and one of the individuals involved has a retirement account, it may be necessary for a qualified domestic relations order to be created. A QDRO is a legal document that outlines how assets from a retirement account will be distributed. Normally, retirement accounts will only pay out assets to a named beneficiary or the owner of the account.

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