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May 2017 Archives

Arguments over politics becoming more bitter under Trump

Many media pundits agree that Donald Trump's election victory in November has deepened the political divide in Nevada and around the country. Wakefield Research wanted to find out what kind of impact living under a Trump administration is having on couples, and the Virginia-based polling company discovered that arguments over politics are causing marriages and long-term relationships to end at an unprecedented rate.

Prenups and postnups leave openings for creditors

It may come as a surprise to some Nevada residents that they're on the hook for the debts of their spouses. Whether one spouse comes into the marriage with debt or runs up his or her credit cards during the course of the marriage, both spouses may be liable for repayment. There are, however, precautions that can be taken with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Communications between children and noncustodial parents

A Nevada parent who is divorced and who lives far away from the other parent might have an agreement that the parent contacts the child by phone, text or video call. However, if the parent is abusive or begins to harass the child, the custodial parent may wonder if they can cut off contact. Alternately, a custodial parent might simply prefer that the child have less contact with the other parent.

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