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August 2017 Archives

When mediation isn't the right choice

When a couple in Nevada decides to divorce, they may first consider going to a mediator to negotiate child custody, property division and support payments. While mediation can have its advantages, it's not the best option for everyone. In fact, mediation can end up making things worse by dragging matters out or simply adding additional costs to the process of ending a marriage.

Dividing TSPs in Nevada divorces

Many Nevada residents who work for the federal government contribute to Thrift Savings Plans. When they divorce, the amounts that have accrued will need to be divided between the spouses. Nevada law controls how the TSPs will be divided since there are no federal laws directing how the accounts should be handled in divorces.

What emotions are driving your divorce decisions?

Every stage of life means having to make decisions. When you are in your late teens, a big decision could center on which college to attend. If you are going through a divorce, though, it could be that you do not even realize the decisions you are making. This is, in part, because you have so much to think about. A "decision" sounds like something you thought through and analyzed.

What to do to close a joint account

Nevada couples who are planning to go their separate ways may have checking or savings accounts that they share with each other. In order to close the joint account, there are certain actions they may have to take.

Divorce fallout from taking ownership of the home

Couples seeking a separation in Reno often make decisions about divorce outcomes before entering negotiations or seeking counsel. Unless they receive sound advice concerning finances after the divorce, these decisions can end up being costly mistakes. Some of the most disastrous financial decisions revolve around keeping the family residence.

Uncertain future of health care has couples putting off divorce

While people in Nevada and across the country continue to hear reports about Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the uncertain future of American health care is having an immediate effect on married couples who are planning to divorce. Many couples are putting divorce off because of the possibility that one spouse could lose their health insurance if the law or certain parts of it are repealed.

Approaching your loved one about a guardianship

When it comes to aging loved ones, it can be difficult to come to terms with their decreasing capabilities. They might need more help with daily tasks, or perhaps they suffered an injury such as a fall. Signs like these are an indication that something should be done to protect their health and well-being, and for many familiar, a guardianship is the right approach.

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