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September 2017 Archives

Dividing up marital assets during a divorce

When a Nevada couple decides to get a divorce, they will have to reach an agreement regarding how they will divide up their marital assets. During this process, it is easy to make financial missteps when both individuals have emotional connections to some of those assets, such as the family home. However, making financial decisions purely based on emotions can have a major impact on both ex-spouses in the future.

Late nights at work can strain marital relationships

Many casino workers in Nevada are likely familiar with the challenges of maintaining a relationship while working at night. A comparison of occupations and divorce rates prepared by FlowingData confirmed that bartenders and casino workers, particularly gaming managers, experienced the highest rates of divorce compared to people in other lines of work.

Parental consistency important for children

Nevada parents who choose to end their marriages may have significant emotional conflicts that they need to resolve during their divorces. Some of these conflicts may involve their children. It is important for parents to work together during and after their divorces for their children's benefit.

3 costly divorce mistakes you should avoid

Divorce is never fun, but it does not have to be full of financial mistakes and nasty arguments. This might be a difficult chapter in your life, but you can take some steps to avoid it becoming a tragedy. If you keep your cool and make smart decisions amid all the complications and frustrations, you can come out the other side with your finances and emotions intact. 

Shared parenting benefits parents and children

Nevada parents who are going through the divorce process may be aware that, in a wide majority of cases, physical custody of the children is awarded to the mother. While mothers may feel like this is a "win" at first, they can soon find that it is very difficult to remain in the workforce while being a single parent. In fact, it can trap a mother into depending on child support to raise the children.

Planning who will pay back-to-school expenses after a divorce

When parents in Nevada get divorced, they may not anticipate all of the potential scenarios that may lead to arguments over their children. Parenting plans are meant to help exes decide how to handle their co-parenting relationships so that their children are placed at the forefront and arguments are minimized. This often helps children to be better adjusted and happier.

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