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Relocating Children

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While relocating with your children within the state of Nevada after divorce does not usually require legal interference, moving outside the state is a different story. Even if you have full custody of your children, the law requires you to receive court approval before moving them outside of the state. Likewise, if your former spouse is attempting to relocate your children outside the state without your consent, you will have to prove that it is in the children’s best interests to stay.

Our child custody attorney in Reno can help you get approved relocation or prevent one from happening. We are driven to do what’s best for the child—we listen carefully to our client’s story and make sure their side of things is heard in court.

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What Does Someone Need to Relocate Children Out of Nevada?

Nevada requires custodial parents to petition for permission to move their children. The courts will usually not give permission for the move unless the parent can provide them with a good reason for the move, a plan for the move (where you’re going, employment situation, etc.), and written consent of the noncustodial parent. If the noncustodial parent refuses to give consent, this process becomes much more complicated. The first two items are weighted more significantly, and the court will carefully consider if moving farther away from one of their parents is really in the children’s best interests.

The situation in a shared custody arrangement is not much different, save that it is usually harder to justify relocating the children if it will damage their relationship with the other parent.

Things to Remember When Relocating Children

This is a big decision for your family. There are several things to keep in mind when one spouse has made the decision to relocate with the children:

  • The courts can prevent relocation if it is deemed that the move is motivated by self-interest rather than what’s best for the children.
  • Relocating could affect child support to compensate the parent who now has to travel to see their children.
  • A move that could damage a parent’s relationship with their children is considered very seriously by the courts.
  • Current visitation and custody rights are considered in the final decision making.
  • The court cannot prevent you from moving, but it can prevent relocating your children. A parent is still free to leave the state by themselves if relocation is not granted.

We Are Relentless Advocates for Our Clients

Whichever side of this argument you fall on, obtaining a successful outcome is undoubtedly important to you. At Kelli Anne Viloria, what’s important to our clients is important to us. You should contact our Reno child custody lawyer as early in the process as possible. These decisions can move quickly, and you will want time to plan your strategy with your attorney.

Lead attorney Kelli Anne Viloria is well-known and respected in the Nevada court system.

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