Support essential for parents in custody dispute with lying ex
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Emotions run strong when parents in Nevada endure false accusations from their former partners that could influence their access to children. Reaching out to therapists, law enforcement or religious counselors could help a person manage stress while challenging lies meant to violate parental rights.

The story of one woman accused of abusing her children illustrates the need to stand strong against lies from a parent trying to manipulate children and the courts. In her case, the father of the children called child protective services to report her as a child abuser. He also informed the children's schools and his attorney about his claims.

These lies emerged as the date for a Hearing for Contempt approached. This hearing represented the woman's fifth legal petition against him for failing to pay child support. He launched his campaign by sending her an email stating that the children were afraid to spend time with her. She knew that these tactics tended to flare up around court dates. His accusations of abuse, however, interrupted her 50 percent share of parenting time. She needed to involve law enforcement to regain access to her children and disprove his false claims.

Seeking out support could also include consulting an attorney. A person involved in a child custody dispute that might include criminal charges or abduction might benefit from the representation of an attorney. Legal guidance may help a person petition a court to enforce a custody agreement or establish parenting time. To advance the person's agenda, an attorney might present the court with evidence about the person's warm relationship with children and ability to provide financially. Advice from an attorney may enable a person to communicate effectively with law enforcement and counteract the other parent's effort to deny access to children.

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