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If you face divorce, the steps you make at this important time will set the tone for your future, financially and emotionally. With experienced divorce attorney, Kelli Anne Viloria, we can provide you with the legal guidance to set the tone for your future financially and emotionally so that you make the right decisions in regard to property division, custody, support and other divorce-related matters. Kelli Anne Viloria is a proven divorce advocate for clients in Reno and throughout surrounding Nevada communities.

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Is Nevada a No-Fault Divorce State?

The state of Nevada is a no-fault state for divorce, meaning you can file based on irreconcilable differences or incompatibility. You may also request to file for divorce by claiming that your spouse has suffered from insanity for at least two years, or that you two have been separated for at least a year.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Nevada?

Before filing for the divorce, you must meet the residency requirements of the state, which is six weeks. You must also file in the same county that you or your spouse lives.

Does Nevada Have a Waiting Period for Divorce?

The process time in Nevada courts is usually a lot faster than other states. This is because there is no waiting period before the divorce is granted. If both spouses agree to all terms of the divorce, it will go much more quickly than for those who cannot agree.

If you and your spouse can’t come to a mutual agreement on certain issues then you will most likely go to trial which may extend the duration by many months, sometimes a year or more.

These issues include:

  • Custody
  • Asset division
  • Or support

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Nevada?

In Nevada, it does not matter who files for divorce first. Although, If you go to trial, you will go first if your case goes that far. The court treats both spouses equally, regardless of who filed the divorce petition.

However, there are some practical implications of who files first. For example, the spouse who files first will be the "Petitioner," and the other spouse will be the "Respondent." The Petitioner will be responsible for serving the Respondent with the divorce paperwork and must pay the filing fee.

The Petitioner will also be responsible for setting the initial hearing date, which is the date when the court will first hear the case. The Respondent will be able to respond to the Petitioner's allegations at this hearing.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Nevada, speaking with an attorney to discuss your legal options and ensure you understand the process is essential.

How to File for Divorce in Reno, NV

Filing for divorce in Reno, NV involves several steps to ensure a smooth and legally sound process. Here's a brief guide on how to file for divorce in Reno:

  1. Meet Residency Requirements: Before filing, ensure that either you or your spouse has been a resident of Nevada for at least six weeks. Reno is located in Washoe County, so your divorce proceedings will likely take place in the Washoe County Family Court.
  2. Gather Necessary Documents: Obtain the required divorce forms from the Washoe County Family Court or their website. Essential documents include the Complaint for Divorce (also known as the Petition) and related forms.
  3. Complete Divorce Forms: Fill out the forms accurately and thoroughly. These documents will outline details about your marriage, assets, debts, and proposed arrangements for child custody and support, if applicable.
  4. File the Documents: Submit the completed forms to the Washoe County Family Court along with the required filing fee. If you cannot afford the fee, you may request a fee waiver.
  5. Serve Divorce Papers: After filing, serve the divorce papers to your spouse according to Nevada's legal requirements. Proper service ensures that your spouse is aware of the divorce proceedings.
  6. Await Response: Your spouse has a specific timeframe to respond to the divorce petition after being served. In uncontested cases, this step might be straightforward. In contested cases, further negotiations or legal proceedings may be necessary.
  7. Financial Disclosures: Both parties must provide financial disclosures, detailing their income, assets, debts, and expenses. This information helps facilitate equitable property division.
  8. Negotiate or Mediate: Work with your spouse to reach agreements on division of assets, alimony, child custody, and support. Mediation can be an effective way to resolve disputes and come to mutual agreements.
  9. Finalize the Divorce: If you and your spouse agree on all terms, submit the final paperwork to the court. A judge will review and approve the divorce decree, officially ending your marriage.
  10. Contested Divorce: If disagreements persist, a contested divorce might involve hearings and legal proceedings to resolve outstanding issues.
  11. Legal Advice: While you can file for divorce on your own, seeking legal counsel, especially in complex cases, can provide guidance, ensure compliance, and protect your interests throughout the process.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring a Reno divorce lawyer?

Hiring a Reno divorce lawyer can provide numerous benefits during a divorce proceeding. A lawyer with experience in Washoe County Family Court can offer legal guidance tailored to Nevada's specific laws and procedures. They can help ensure that your rights are protected, especially in complex matters such as asset division, child custody, and support. Additionally, a local attorney can help streamline the process, negotiate on your behalf, and represent you in court if necessary, all of which can alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany divorce.

Can a Reno divorce lawyer assist with child custody and support issues?

Yes, a Reno divorce lawyer can assist with child custody and support issues. These are critical components of many divorce proceedings, and an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal requirements and advocate for an arrangement that serves the best interests of your children. They can also help you understand how Nevada's laws will impact your case and work towards a fair and sustainable support agreement.

What is the process for filing for divorce in Reno, NV?

The process for filing for divorce in Reno, NV, involves meeting residency requirements, gathering necessary documents, completing and filing divorce forms with the Washoe County Family Court, serving divorce papers to your spouse, awaiting their response, providing financial disclosures, and negotiating terms. If agreements are reached, you can finalize the divorce. If not, contested divorce proceedings may be necessary. Throughout this process, a Reno divorce lawyer can provide invaluable assistance and ensure that all steps are handled correctly.

Full-Service Divorce Law Firm In Reno

If divorce is imminent, now is the time to begin protecting your own interests. Without strong, proactive legal representation, you could be losing out on assets and property that should be yours. You could take on more debt than is rightfully yours.

You could obtain an adverse ruling in regard to alimony/spousal support. If you have children, it is of paramount importance that your parental rights are protected. As a full-service divorce law firm, we can help you with all of the above.

We have the experience and resources to handle complex, high-asset divorces and contentious child custody disputes. Our diverse practice can address sensitive issues ranging from divorce involving domestic violence to same-sex matters. When circumstances change after divorce, we can help you address post-decree modifications.

Resolving Divorce Disputes in Reno, NV

As a prosecutor, Kelli Anne Viloria spent thousands of hours in Reno divorce court. There, she developed the skills necessary to become a successful litigator.

As a divorce attorney in Reno, NV, those skills are invaluable at the negotiating table and at trial. Kelli is a strong negotiator and seeks cost-effective divorce settlements through negotiation and mediation whenever possible. Many couples attempt to solve problems amicably through a collaborative or uncontested divorce.

Sometimes, however, people in divorce refuse to be reasonable, focus on the issues, or negotiate fairly, leading to vicious contested divorce proceedings. When that occurs, our family law attorney applies her extensive courtroom experience to protect her clients' rights.

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