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Resolving Your Divorce on Your Terms

Though many of us hope for an amicable divorce, sometimes we are left to deal with a spouse that is completely uncooperative. Sometimes, a partner is against the very idea of a divorce and refuses to agree to one. These situations lead to what is called a “contested divorce”. In a contested divorce, you and your attorney will need to take your spouse to court to ensure you receive a fair distribution of the assets. The courts may even have to force your partner to agree to the divorce.

If you believe you will have trouble getting a fair divorce, our Reno divorce lawyer, Kelli Anne Viloria, is here to help. We are highly experienced in settling domestic disputes in court and can make sure your interests are protected.

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What to Expect in a Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, both sides will have an opportunity to conduct an investigation into the total assets and property owned by both partners. This is called the “discovery” phase. If we are selected as your legal counsel in these proceedings, we will investigate:

  • Total income
  • Hidden assets
  • Value of known assets
  • Insurance plan information
  • Retirement plans
  • Total debts owed

You and your spouse will need to be forthcoming with this information. Many spouses against the divorce will intentionally miss deadlines to delay the process. We have dealt with these situations before and know how to push an uncooperative partner until they provide what we need to move forward.

You Deserve Help through This Process

Going through a divorce with a hostile spouse is never easy. They may try to intimidate you out of the process by threatening to leave you with nothing, but divorce is not so simple that one person can prevent the other from getting what they are entitled to. Nevada is a common property state, meaning you both have equal ownership of assets acquired during the marriage and, therefore, you are entitled to an equal split of all property.

Our Reno divorce lawyer is not afraid to be aggressive when she needs to be. You can rest assured we will fight relentlessly for what you are owed. We serve clients in Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, North Valleys, Sun Valley, Fallon, Fernley, Washoe County, Carson City County, Douglas County and across northern Nevada.

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