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Creating Amicable Divorce Agreements

Divorce can be a complex and difficult process. Not all marriages end in anger, in fact, many couples look for amicable ways to end their relationships. Choosing to try a collaborative divorce can cut down on legal fees, time in court, and make the entire process simpler. In a collaborative divorce, you, your spouse, and your attorneys work together to come up with a divorce agreement. Other third parties, such as a financial advisor and child care specialist, may also be involved.

You will still need your own attorney in a collaborative divorce, as will your partner, but through this process, you can avoid going to court and make decisions without a judge’s interference.

Kelli Anne Viloria in Reno can serve as your representative during an amicable divorce. Call (775) 476-5642 today.

How it Works

Collaborative divorces typically take place over several sessions, depending on the length of the marriage and the value of the property being divided. You and your family lawyer will sit down with your spouse and their attorney to work out the details of the divorce. This setting is much more casual than a courtroom, and often makes it easier for participants to speak more freely.

Important things to know about collaborative divorce:

  • Both parties will still need their own lawyer
  • A mediator can be called in if you are having trouble collaborating
  • If collaborative divorce fails and you have to go to court, your collaborative divorce attorney can no longer represent you
  • Collaborative divorce is usually less expensive and less time consuming than traditional divorce litigation
  • You will still need to determine property division, child custody, and all of the other decisions made during a traditional divorce during this process

Both parties need to be in agreement on the final terms before they are accepted by the court. If your partner seems reluctant to enter a collaborative divorce or you doubt they will corporate, it may be best to pursue a traditional divorce. Failed collaborative divorce proceedings mean you will need to start from scratch, including hiring a new lawyer.

We Have Facilitated Numerous Collaborative Divorces

At Kelli Anne Viloria, we are committed to helping out clients achieving a positive outcome to collaborative divorce. Our leading Reno collaborative divorce attorney is also a skilled mediator who has helped countless couples resolve their marriages peacefully. We serve clients in Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, North Valleys, Sun Valley, Fallon, Fernley, Washoe County, Carson City County, Douglas County and across northern Nevada.

Contact us today if you want to try for a collaborative or uncontested divorce. We can guide you through the process.

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