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Reno Property Division Lawyer

Creating Fair Distribution of Assets & Property

Nevada is one of the few community property states in the U.S. This means that both spouses have equal rights to assets and property acquired during a marriage. For this reason, the state demands these assets be distributed equally in the event of a divorce unless both parties agree to a different arrangement.

Many factors influence property division during divorce. Our divorce attorneys in Reno can help you understand the law and serve as your advocate in court. We are relentless when protecting the best interests of our clients.

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Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

There are several reasons you will want an experienced divorce lawyer representing your interests during this process. First, defining “equal” property is not a cut and dry process. Estimating one object’s value against another’s is not as simple as finding a price tag. You may have to argue with the court why you should have more than what they believe to be equal.

Another reason you will want an attorney’s assistance is that you may decide an equal distribution of assets is not a fair arrangement for your situation. It is possible to challenge equal asset splits, but only if you can convince the court that it is the better situation. An attorney who understands the state divorce law and is well-respected in local courts is a major asset in this endeavor.

We Can Help You Protect What’s Yours

Community property law can make divorces much more frustrating. The court may decide your spouse is entitled to half of your retirement plan or personal savings. Worse still, you may even inherit half the debt accrued by your partner. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on your own, you can rest assured that spouse will be hiring an attorney to protect their interests. You will need a fierce advocate of your own to look out for you. The Reno property division attorneys of Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC are strong, poised, and committed to helping clients achieve the best outcome possible.

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