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December 2017 Archives

Divorce and bitcoins

Nevada couples who are getting a divorce may need to split their assets. This could become complicated if one of them has a bitcoin account. Although in the past bitcoin has been little known and of little worth, it has recently had a surge in both value and in people's awareness of it. For some couples, bitcoin might even be a contributor to divorce since it may have taken a great deal of time to build up a substantial bitcoin account.

How to make your divorce easier on your adult children

A lot of attention is paid to minor children whose parents are divorcing. There are seemingly countless books, articles and blogs focused on the topic, but what about adult children? True, in many cases, they have lives independent of their parents, meaning they do not rely on mom and dad for shelter and financial security.

Support essential for parents in custody dispute with lying ex

Emotions run strong when parents in Nevada endure false accusations from their former partners that could influence their access to children. Reaching out to therapists, law enforcement or religious counselors could help a person manage stress while challenging lies meant to violate parental rights.

Alimony and tax deduction

For Nevada couples who get a divorce, alimony may be one of the many issues they have to address during the process. However, they should be aware of the tax implications of sending and receiving alimony. People who have to pay a spouse alimony should be particularly aware of the situations in which the alimony they pay may not be tax deductible.

Issues may arise for seniors going through divorce

Over the past 20 years, overall divorce rates have decreased in the United State. At the same time, however, the rate of divorce for spouses older than 50 has continually increased. Nevada residents who get divorced when they are older may face more complex property division issues that can potentially impact retirement.

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