The Dangers of Using Social Media During Your Divorce
Kelli Anne Viloria

Most of us enjoy using social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We cannot seem to get enough of sharing our lives online. After all, it is an excellent way to either network or remain connected to those already in your life. However, suppose you are currently going through divorce proceedings. In that case, you might want to hold off on partaking in the addictive world of social media, or you could ultimately risk your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement.

Below is a list of some reasons why you should stay off social media until your divorce is officially finalized:

  • The pictures you post could haunt you: You know how the adage goes – a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures you post on social media, which might seem entirely innocuous to you, could be damaging in court. For example, if you posted pictures of yourself out on the town drinking and appearing to engage in reckless or inappropriate behavior, but you are also vying for child custody, a judge might perceive you as an unfit parent, and those pictures could jeopardize your chances of getting the arrangement you desire. Refrain from posting any pictures at this time. Social media is tempting, but nothing is worth the current stake.
  • What you post can indicate your spending habits: While no one is posting how much they make on social media or the price tag on every item they buy, a lot can be gleaned from simply posting about them. Maybe you bought a fancy new jacket or went on a lavish vacation. Your spending habits can say a lot about your finances, so instead of providing financial clues, just lay low. Otherwise, you might just be giving your spouse evidence to use against you in support or property division disputes.
  • Your friends might reveal your secrets: You and your spouse shared a life together, maybe it was not for long or maybe it was for several years or decades, but for however long it lasted, your lives undoubtedly became intertwined and you now share many friends who hit the add or follow button on whichever social media platforms you use. You probably unadded your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but deciding which of his or her friends to remove is harder. You probably still consider many of them your friends. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will not spill the beans on everything you post to your spouse, so this is another excellent reason why you should not partake in social media for the time being. Moreover, even people who mean you no harm might inadvertently do so by tagging you in posts, so ask that your friends and family respect your privacy and that they do not tag you in anything or discuss what is going on with your life on social media.
  • The things you post are permanent: After you make a post, it is out there forever, even if you eventually delete it. That is why you should always think twice before you put something out there on the internet. Posting it is easy, but there is no going back. Ask yourself if you would mind if a judge saw it, and if you are unsure how to answer it, do not post it at all.

The best way to go about social media now is to stop using it. This will ensure that it does not harm your divorce case. For some, that can be a tall order, but the reward is worth it.

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