Staying civil during divorce

While there are many couples in Nevada who divorce amicably, some divorces are tainted by bad feelings. These feelings may be the result of poor behavior by one or both spouses. In such cases, spouses may feel that it isn't enough that the marriage is coming to an end, and that they have the right to use the divorce process to get revenge on their soon-to-be exes.

Unfortunately, vengeful spouses seldom achieve satisfaction. In fact, they often encounter disappointment from the court system and may hurt themselves, and their children, in the process. This is because the family court system isn't intended to help one spouse harm the other. The reality is that judges and lawyers are quite familiar with the types of bad behavior that can lead to a divorce. Judges aren't going to be shocked by adultery, overspending, substance abuse or spousal neglect. Even legitimately victimized spouses are likely to find that their attempts at using the system to punish the person who harmed them will backfire. Increased legal costs are one possibility, as is a less favorable financial settlement or child custody agreement.

Many experts believe that the best approach to a divorce after a difficult marriage is to seek to resolve anger in healthy ways. Counseling, meditation, and finding new ways of engaging in self-care can help people move past their anger and get on to developing a new, healthy life for themselves.

Unfortunately, not all people who are facing the end of a marriage are able to act rationally. This is why in some cases it might be advisable for them to let their family law attorneys handle negotiations.

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