Why new divorce filings spike in January

Nevada couples who find themselves questioning the viability of their marriages in early 2018 may want to know that they are not alone. Although it may not be the most festive way to ring in a new year, divorce filings often spike in January as the holiday season draws to a close. While many legal observers may believe that the glut of new filings springs from a single cause, there may be a number of reasons that January has unofficially become known as Divorce Month.

Spouses who become swept up in cinematic scenes of holiday merriment and dreams come true may want to believe that the magic of the season will resolve any problems in their relationship. However, their issues may become starkly evident as the new year begins and the twinkling lights and sparkling tinsel are packed away once again. Some couples may find that the stress of the season has pushed uncomfortable emotions to the breaking point by the beginning of January, while others may discover that planning for the year ahead includes evaluating the state of their marriage.

According to some attorneys, timing is the real reason behind the rash of new divorce filings in January. Parents who have been considering it may simply decide to spend one final holiday season together with their children before starting the legal process.

The end of a marriage causes a variety of divorce legal issues that will have to be resolved. The division of property, custody and visitation considerations, and spousal and child support may all be at play. Rather than have a judge make these decisions, some estranged spouses are able to resolve these matters through negotiations with the assistance of their respective attorneys.

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