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What is in the best interest of my children in a divorce?

When couples consider divorce, one question that tends to pop up is, "Would a divorce be in the best interest of our children?" Often, the answer is yes, especially compared with the alternative of children seeing their parents fight.

Support essential for parents in custody dispute with lying ex

Emotions run strong when parents in Nevada endure false accusations from their former partners that could influence their access to children. Reaching out to therapists, law enforcement or religious counselors could help a person manage stress while challenging lies meant to violate parental rights.

Issues may arise for seniors going through divorce

Over the past 20 years, overall divorce rates have decreased in the United State. At the same time, however, the rate of divorce for spouses older than 50 has continually increased. Nevada residents who get divorced when they are older may face more complex property division issues that can potentially impact retirement.

Parental consistency important for children

Nevada parents who choose to end their marriages may have significant emotional conflicts that they need to resolve during their divorces. Some of these conflicts may involve their children. It is important for parents to work together during and after their divorces for their children's benefit.

Shared parenting benefits parents and children

Nevada parents who are going through the divorce process may be aware that, in a wide majority of cases, physical custody of the children is awarded to the mother. While mothers may feel like this is a "win" at first, they can soon find that it is very difficult to remain in the workforce while being a single parent. In fact, it can trap a mother into depending on child support to raise the children.

Child custody and deportation

Immigrants fearing deportation and their families and friends in Reno may want to be aware of a new trend in child custody preparations. Though lacking documentation to legally stay in the United States themselves, many non-citizens are loathe to return to their home countries with their children. They cite ongoing violence and gangs as a constant threat. Another goal is to provide their children with better education and work opportunities than is available elsewhere.

Communications between children and noncustodial parents

A Nevada parent who is divorced and who lives far away from the other parent might have an agreement that the parent contacts the child by phone, text or video call. However, if the parent is abusive or begins to harass the child, the custodial parent may wonder if they can cut off contact. Alternately, a custodial parent might simply prefer that the child have less contact with the other parent.

Child custody modification in Nevada

Child custody orders in Nevada and around the country are issued based on what family law judges believe to be in the best interests of the children involved, and their terms may be modified by the courts when children have been placed in potentially dangerous environments. Schools will generally notify the authorities and begin the process when children seem scared to go home, and police reports of drug use or domestic violence in the custodial parent's residence could also lead to custody arrangements being scrutinized.

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