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Parenting Time

Dedicated Child Custody Lawyers in Reno

As in all divorce proceedings, courts consider what is best for the child when ruling on parenting time. If parents can come to their own agreement on how to divide time, the courts will usually accept their arrangement. When parents disagree, however, both sides will have to clearly demonstrate to the court why their proposed plan is in the child’s best interests.

At Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC, our child custody lawyers in Reno are aggressive advocates for our clients. We take the time to learn more about you and grow invested in your cause. Everyone needs to remember that these decisions have a strong impact on the child. While we are strong advocates for our clients, we strive to resolve these disputes as amicably as possible.

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Custody Rights & Parenting Times

Nevada has two types of child custody: Legal custody and physical custody. A parent with legal custody makes important decisions for the children, including what school to go to, religious affiliations, finding a primary doctor, etc. Physical custody pertains to what parent the child will live with. Parents with joint custody share these responsibilities equally.

Important things to know regarding custody and visitation:

  • Noncustodial parents are still entitled to visitation with their children except in circumstances where it would be harmful to the children or the custodial parent.
  • Custodial parents must allow noncustodial parents to continue with their visitation rights even if they are refusing to pay child support. Visitation and child support are considered separate matters, you will have to bring the matter to a court’s attention if you believe it should affect visitation.
  • There is no legal age where a child can decide which parent they want to live with. Children can make these decisions at a certain point, but only after a judge has determined they have the intelligence and emotional maturity to do so.
  • Parents can establish a parenting plan with a mediator, which lays out agreed-upon visitation times in writing.
  • Joint custody is usually awarded unless one parent can prove the other is “unfit” to play a role as a custodial parent. A judge has final say in this.

You Deserve an Advocate in Court

Fighting over visitation and custody can be frustrating and emotional. Parents that get emotional often act irrationally and end up damaging their argument. It is important to hire an attorney who can look at the situation with a clear head and protect your interests. At Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC, we are fierce advocates for our clients and can present your side of the story in court with legal strategy. Contact our Reno child custody attorneys today to arrange a consultation.

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