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July 2017 Archives

Military couples face higher divorce rates

Nevada couples who are contemplating divorcing may be affected by their careers. Work and financial stresses can be some of the major factors in the end of a marriage. U.S. Census data has tended to underline this common knowledge, with certain careers standing out as having a higher likelihood of experiencing divorce.

Common myths about divorce

Nevada couples who are considering ending their marriage may get a lot of well-meaning advice from family, friends and acquaintances, but some of that advice may be inaccurate. For example, people may think a no-fault divorce means that a person's misconduct is irrelevant. However, in some limited cases, financial misconduct by one spouse could affect property division.

Child custody and deportation

Immigrants fearing deportation and their families and friends in Reno may want to be aware of a new trend in child custody preparations. Though lacking documentation to legally stay in the United States themselves, many non-citizens are loathe to return to their home countries with their children. They cite ongoing violence and gangs as a constant threat. Another goal is to provide their children with better education and work opportunities than is available elsewhere.

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