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January 2018 Archives

Why some couples may be racing to divorce court in 2018

Couples in Nevada who have been experiencing marital problems may find themselves considering divorce. While divorce is a serious matter that requires careful consideration, recent changes to the tax code may cause some couples to hasten the separation process.

Tech industry divorces can come with start-up pain

For people in the tech industry and various other high-profile careers in Nevada, divorce can bring with it its own set of challenges on both personal and practical levels. While disentangling the emotional bonds of a marriage can be extremely painful, especially when children or long-time partnerships are involved, this can be accentuated further by the financial complexity of a high-asset divorce. Asset division in a divorce that involves investments, real estate and other traditional properties as well as more speculative assets, like startup companies or inventions, can be the source of many disputes.

Properly dividing art work in a divorce

When an individual owns a piece of art or an entire art collection, it may be difficult to determine how to divide that asset in a divorce. Even if a couple has a prenuptial agreement, the agreement could be ruled invalid by a judge. It is also possible that the document may not address the art as it could have been signed prior to acquiring it.

Why new divorce filings spike in January

Nevada couples who find themselves questioning the viability of their marriages in early 2018 may want to know that they are not alone. Although it may not be the most festive way to ring in a new year, divorce filings often spike in January as the holiday season draws to a close. While many legal observers may believe that the glut of new filings springs from a single cause, there may be a number of reasons that January has unofficially become known as Divorce Month.

Why are divorce filings more common after the holidays?

The holidays are generally a time of celebration and family togetherness. So why are you thinking about a divorce now, of all times? If you are considering a divorce after the holidays, you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common times of the year for people to decide their marriages are over.

Millennials and prenuptial agreements

Some millennials living in Nevada may be more likely to get prenuptial agreements compared to their parents' and grandparents' generations. Prenups are still not commonplace. One survey found that only 5 percent of people have them despite about one-third thinking they are a good idea. However, the use of prenups is on the rise, and more women are asking for them. There are several reasons for this increase.

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