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How couples can work through financial disagreements

Individuals in Nevada and throughout the country may not have the same beliefs about money that their partners do. However, there are ways in which they can better understand why their partners feel the way that they do about their finances. For instance, it may be possible to spend a few weeks practicing the fiscal habits that their partners engage in. Communication may also help a couple get on the same page financially.

Divorce, older couples and finances

The Pew Research Center reports that the divorce rate for adults who are 50 years of age or older is twice what it was 25 years ago. Before going through with a separation, older couples in Nevada should understand the impact a divorce can have on their finances.

Financial repercussions of divorce can continue after settlement

Financial issues can be some of the most challenging aspects of a divorce for Nevada couples. In addition, they can have significant long-term consequences that last far beyond the emotional and immediate practical concerns that arise. Even after the process has been concluded, there are still a number of financial tasks that can help to ensure a successful post-divorce financial future.

Staying civil during divorce

While there are many couples in Nevada who divorce amicably, some divorces are tainted by bad feelings. These feelings may be the result of poor behavior by one or both spouses. In such cases, spouses may feel that it isn't enough that the marriage is coming to an end, and that they have the right to use the divorce process to get revenge on their soon-to-be exes.

What is in the best interest of my children in a divorce?

When couples consider divorce, one question that tends to pop up is, "Would a divorce be in the best interest of our children?" Often, the answer is yes, especially compared with the alternative of children seeing their parents fight.

Divorce among millenials

Many Nevada residents will get married during their 20s. Some will also get divorced. Young couples who divorce often have to deal with unexpected challenges.

Why some couples may be racing to divorce court in 2018

Couples in Nevada who have been experiencing marital problems may find themselves considering divorce. While divorce is a serious matter that requires careful consideration, recent changes to the tax code may cause some couples to hasten the separation process.

Why new divorce filings spike in January

Nevada couples who find themselves questioning the viability of their marriages in early 2018 may want to know that they are not alone. Although it may not be the most festive way to ring in a new year, divorce filings often spike in January as the holiday season draws to a close. While many legal observers may believe that the glut of new filings springs from a single cause, there may be a number of reasons that January has unofficially become known as Divorce Month.

Why are divorce filings more common after the holidays?

The holidays are generally a time of celebration and family togetherness. So why are you thinking about a divorce now, of all times? If you are considering a divorce after the holidays, you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common times of the year for people to decide their marriages are over.

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